About Us

 Harvey Milder is the founder of Get a Loan With Harvey plus:

Harvey is passionate about helping others achieve their goals using loans to achieve them. All the while using a personal approach to getting loans. Too often the process of getting a loan can make the applicant feel like a number (perhaps more than one number).

That’s why the name features Harvey’s name in the business name; to remind clients that they have a personalised service which is with them at each step of the process.

Harvey has a very diverse background.

Upon finishing his marketing & retail management degree; Harvey worked in the head offices of a number of automotive organisations in product development roles and then for a SME business in customer service and application development.

It was in that last role where Harvey decided that he wanted to work for himself and he enrolled himself into a Master of Business Entrepreneurship at Swinburne. Immediately following the Master’s degree; Harvey decided worked in the family property development business.

For this reason, Harvey is able to understand the needs of a large and diverse group of clients.

Harvey has also taught business at a number of different universities at that time as a way to give back to the community. Something that Harvey still feels strongly about.

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